Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ok".......I grew up watching some A-Team and loved some Mr. T. I just watched the new A- Team and I thought it was great! I could watch this movie over and over.

I recommend watching for fun and then break down learning lessons.

1. No "I" in A-Team. The four man party couldn't make it happen without working together and trusting each other.

2. Honor"......give it all for our country.

3. A brother hood of rangers that is not broken.

4. Thinking ahead and planning is critical in everything we do.

5. Everyone needs an adventure. They thought Murdock was crazy, but really he was just bored.

6. There is always a great woman you can count on in the end!

Have fun watching and I would love to hear about movies you have watched.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How do you get followers

Ok.....I am new to this blog thing. How do you get followers? How do you find cool blogs to follow? Can surf blogs?

I like righting blogs about all random things from leadership, business, family, and sports but if no one is reading what good does it do? Can anyone direct me?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Classic movies

My classic movies"...........yes my call on classic movies will be slightly different than most and mine will surprise most people.

First is all the Rocky movies. What better movie could you ask for. Underdog makes a seeming loss turn into a victory. Just when you think he is out Mikey steps in a gives a gut wrenching speech that pushes Rocky into victory.

Gone in 60 Seconds".........awesome movie with fast cars, lots of action, and of course the guy gets the hot chick in the end. A great guy movie!

Tombstone".......and they say there is no such thing as guys with emotions. Wyatt with skin like sandpaper showing deep love for his brother and following in love. And then sticking by his best friend as he passes away. He stands up for his family and follows through. And this movie has the best one liner........"I am your huckleberry".

Yes classic movies are older but those are the ones you want to watch over and over.

What are your favorite movies!!!